I recently cowrote a song called “Runaway Truck.” It started off as an angry us-vs.-them song born out of my fear that things were spinning out of control. The challenge of writing such a song is to decide whether it will be "part of the problem or part of the solution." Sometimes it’s hard to tell. As for my part in the song, I didn't want to mince words, but I knew I wanted to move toward greater connection rather than greater division. By the end of the song, it had become more of an urgent prayer: “Lord, heal our eyes so we can see / And understand with clarity / And then decide who we want to be.” It says “our eyes” and "who we want to be." We are all in this together, and we all need healing. We couldn't separate ourselves from each other if we tried, so this song calls for a new direction after the anger and fear. Furthermore, it calls for a higher, clearer vision that will move us out of the problem and into the solution. Does the song succeed? We’ll see.


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