This is the first blog entry, where the hopeful promise of self-expression meets the feared indifference of the artist’s momentary audience. I know, I know, I’m supposed to start with the forced exuberance of something like, “I’ve never been as excited about anything in my life as I am about this post!!!:-)!!!” Can you be ecstatic about anything all the time? I am indeed passionate about music and songwriting. (Yeah, I just said “passionate,” another required word for self-promotion.) I’m also exhausted by all the hype out there that suggests that it's possible to be at a peak of intensity all of the time, so I will do all I can to keep these entries genuine.

Here’s the deal: I’m as hungry as you are for something real, for something that really matters. I play, listen to, or think about music and language all the time. Music and words matter to me. They move me and clarify life for me. I write songs because I hear them in my head or feel them in my body, and they must come out; they need to find receptive ears. This giving and receiving is an electric current that seeks a connection so it can flow forward. And it can be extremely powerful. Can you hear the crackling as we spark across the gap between us? 

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